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Hello and a warm welcome to Tomato Blues. This is my happy space where I share easy vegetarian recipes. Making vegetarian food just got easier. At Tomato Blues, our mission is to make vegetarian food fun and easy for all. Whether you are looking for some vegan Indian recipes or gluten free recipes, there is a recipe for everyone!

Summer Recipes

raw vegan tomato gazpacho served in soup bowls with sweet peppers scattered at the background
vegan mango overnight oats topped with pomegranate pearls and mangoes
cucumber gazpacho topped with cucumber slices and herbs served in a white bowl set against a white background
mango milkshake
raw mango raita
aloe vera lemonade

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Trending Recipes

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Dosa Recipes

Ragi dosa served with coconut chutney and sambar on a black plate
mapillai samba adai served on a turquoise blue plate against a blue backdrop
Barnyard Millet Idli Dosa
capsicum paneer masala dosa

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