July 22, 2014

Sweet And Sour Vegetables Recipe| Easy Indo Chinese Recipes

A chinese meal always amazes me. I m not talking of the average Chinese or rather Indo Chinese food that we get even on the streets today. When i say Chinese, i mean the real authentic Chinese meal that has plenty of veggies, some nice pungent pepper and lots of rice served with some tongue tickling and piquant sauces. I do agree that the addition of MSG is an issue to many but unfortunately, MSG is not limited to Chinese food alone today. It has spread its wings as far as a slice of pizza or even some golden fries. So, yeah if you say MSG is stopping you from gorging on Chinese, i d say you are missing out on something that s not supposed to be missed.

July 1, 2014

Mixed Vegetable Raita Recipe| Dips Spreads and Sauces Recipes

I am a sucker for one pot meals. Lets just say i love anything that reduces my time in the kitchen. I know this blog doesnt substantiate that statement, but truly, honestly, i hate sweating it out in the kitchen. I prefer cooking quick, easy meals that are delicious, wholesome and to a extent, healthy too. As if God heard my prayers ( which i m sure, he did), he blessed me with a husband who loves his pulao and biryani. Ok, not biryani but pulao. So, once in a week, in an attempt to preserve my sanity and to please his taste buds, i make some kind of pulao. And when ever i make pulao, i also make some kind of raita. If you are wondering what a raita is, its nothing but a yogurt dip usually made with some veggies. This mixed vegetable raita has been my favorite ever since i ate it in a restaurant. Plus, you can make this in advance and store it in the fridge for a small party or a get together.

June 24, 2014

Mango Peach Smoothie Recipe| Easy Drink Recipes

Stone fruit. Equals bliss. Devour the fruit and spit the pit out with fervor and passion. Then, you will know what i m talking about. I love Summers for the abundance of fruits in the market. Or rather, my favorite fruits in the market. Peaches, mangoes, litchis and cherries ( although they dont strike my fancy in that order). My fridge is groaning under the weight of some juicy peaches, deep dark red cherries and mangoes. When i had had enough of mango milkshakes and peach lemonade, i decided to go a bit overboard and make this smoothie.