January 29, 2015

Kutchi Dabeli Recipe- How To Make Dabeli

Dabeli, an easy and popular Gujarati snack recipe is nothing but Indian style sliders stuffed with spiced mashed potato and an assortment of chutneys. Even though it has been four years since i have lived in Gujarat, i have not eaten this many times. The last i ate Dabeli was at a food court in Ahmedabad. And i even forgot about it. Until last week. When i made the Hot Sweet and Sour Pepper Dip for the Mothers's Recipes Innovative Recipe Challenge contest, Mr.P suggested that i make some other dish with the dip itself, the dip being such that it can easily be used as a spread too. After about an hour of a very foodie conversation, Mr. P and i decided that i should try something along the lines of a burger. But because i wanted to make something that s Indian basically, we agreed on the Dabeli.

January 28, 2015

Strawberry Compote Recipe- How To Make Strawberry Compote

Strawberry compote is nothing but fresh strawberries hulled and then cooked in sugar syrup with some flavoring agents. The result is a gorgeous ruby red syrupy dessert that can be enjoyed on its own or spread on pancakes, drizzled on ice creams and waffles or blended into granitas, smoothies and sorbets. Which ever way you want to enjoy strawberry compote, all it offers is sinful deliciousness. And that too in less than 20 mins in the kitchen. If you take the microwave route, the time is reduced by another 10 mins. So, what s not to love in this strawberry compote? Most importantly, it converts all strawberry haters into ardent fans. My H became a convert after he had a lick of the ladle.

January 27, 2015

Hot Sweet And Sour Pepper Dip Recipe & Giveaway Winners!

First and foremost, my apologies. This post has been in the doing for a long time now and it also happens to be the one that announces the winners of my birthday giveaway. I am not going to give any excuses in the name of Little A. Lets just say, this post did not happen because i had some sort of writers' block. Or simply because i did not know what to write. So, before i get on to the recipe, here are the winners. Hearty congratulations to Beulah Arun of Full Scoops  for winning the Pondicherry Kitchen book and Sathya Priya of My Kitchen Odyssey for winning the Sanjeev Kapoor cookbook "Biriyani and Rice Recipes". Thank you everyone who participated in the giveaway.
Now, for the recipe part. This recipe is a classic example of fusion indian cooking. A few days back, Mother's Recipe sent me a hamper with some of their product samples and asked me to come up with an innovative recipe using one of them. Among the many samples that i received was the Gujarati Gor Kheri pickle. Now, honestly, i m that super spicy eyes and nose watering pickle sort of girl. So, a sweet pickle doesnt appeal much to me. In the pickle sense that is. Which is when i decided to use the pickle in a recipe of my own and give it a sort of middle eastern touch. This dip is the outcome of all that thinking. I also used this in another recipe which i ll be posting very soon. In the meanwhile, if you all have some Gor kheri at home, then do try making this dip.