August 19, 2014

Jeera Rice Recipe| Rice Recipes

Ok. Technically, this is not even a recipe. At least not according to me. But then you know, some simple recipes have a charm. They shine through so much that they undermine other dishes in which you have poured your heart, soul and sweat in. And then there are some recipes that taste out of the world when eaten in some places that you are almost tempted to ask the guy what went into it. Jeera rice is something like that.While many of us cook the most complex of recipes perfectly, its the simple ones that challenge us many a time. Jeera rice is no exception.

August 12, 2014

Oatmeal And Banana Pancake Recipe| Easy Breakfast Recipes

I am a banana nut inside out. So much that my H calls me a monkey. That s simply because he doesnt appreciate the pleasure of eating a good fat yellow banana. Well, i m not here to preach about the health benefits of banana. I m just here so that i can share this pancake recipe which simply equals awesomeness. Plus it has oats. Well, i know i ve said we are not oats fans here. But then, i had a packet of oats sitting conveniently in the pantry and i wanted to put it to good use. I m not the regular overnight oatmeal kinds.
Plus i had some over ripe bananas sitting not so prettily on the kitchen counter. That s when the pancake zombie struck me. And i came up with this uber delicious egg free pancake recipe. I was not even sure if the pancakes would fluff up. But fluff up they did and they tasted out of the world. My only regret that day was i didnt have some berry compote to top those pancakes with.

August 5, 2014

Onion Tomato Chutney Recipe| Side Dish For Idly Dosa

No South Indian household is void of idly and dosa. And no such household exists where there isn't a plethora of side dishes to dunk idlies and dosas in. While the hunt for a new side dish is almost perpetual, some dishes work like a charm every time you make them. Like this onion tomato chutney. Lets just call it old world charm or may be a classic recipe that doesnt fail you any time ever.