April 17, 2014

Orange Sweet Lime Lemonade Recipe| Drink Recipes

Have i already sweated about the heat? I guess, i have. So i shall sweat no more. But then i ll tell you about this lemonade. Summer is when i really dont like stuffing myself with hot food. I prefer light salads and lots of fluids, preferably fresh juices or a glass of chilled and spiced buttermilk. This summer has been no exception. I ve been making so many fresh juices and trying my hands at so many mocktails that i thought this summer will have my blog seeing many such recipes.

April 15, 2014

Aam Panna ( Spiced Raw Mango Juice Recipe)| Drink Recipes

There is really not much to Summer if you havent had your share of mangoes and watermelons. I pretty much make so many things with raw mango and the golden ripe ones that it s difficult to find other veggies and fruits on the table. We have a huge mango tree in the backyard that has blossomed with fervor this summer. It is sheer joy to just look at those fragrant blossoms every time one opens the door. While it may take a while for the tree to bear fruit, mangoes have already started making their appearance in the local markets.

April 11, 2014

Creamy Tomato Soup Recipe| Easy Soup Recipes

Tomato soup is a classic. At least in India where people dint know much about soups, tomato soup made it to the top in most hotel menus just because it was never made at home. I m sure the humble tomato soup has come a long way since then. And there are probably umpteen ways in which one can whip up tomato soup. My version today is a simple no fuss recipe. In case you want to walk that extra mile and have an extra extra special tomato soup, do check out my oven baked tomato soup.

April 5, 2014

Iced Lemon Tea Recipe| Drink Recipes

I am not a coffee lover. I know i have raised my share of eyebrows whenever i ve made this statement but i dont shy away from repeating it to whoever will listen. I m not a regular tea fan as well. While many people find pleasure in sipping a hot cup of tea or coffee, i m quite content with my milkshakes and smoothies. However, iced tea is an exception. Given a choice to pick a cup of freshly brewed coffee or a tall glass of fizz or some iced tea, i would happily choose the third.

March 25, 2014

Falafel Recipe| Snack Recipes

When i first became upon falafel, i dint take a fancy plunge into it. Maybe that s where acquired taste comes in. But the second time around, when i ate it, tucked away in a nice sandwich, i thought, hey! this is good. Falafel is a popular middle eastern dish that s usually sold on the streets. Its a popular stuffing for pita breads and other sandwich breads too. But why i like falafel is because of the rich protein that it has.
             Being a vegetarian, i always struggle to get my share of proteins even though i make dals quite often. I try and include other legumes such as chickpeas, black eyed beans etc but that somehow never appeals to neither of our palates. So i m always on the lookout for delicious ways in which i can include legumes and lentils in our diet. And i found falafel a perfect way to do just that.