March 2, 2015

Raw Plantain Curry With Mustard Paste| Easy Andhra Recipes

Raw Plantain curry is another version of easy curry in which plantains are sauteed in a mustard paste. Its a refreshing change to the everyday plantain fry and goes very well with rice and sambar. It can also be enjoyed by mixing it with hot rice and ghee. Plantains are a favorite in my household. While plantain chips are hands down the family favorite, this curry seconds the list. I make this whenever i get some good plantains. This curry works well only with raw plantains, the perfectly hard ones.

February 18, 2015

How To Make Roasted Egg Curry Recipe| Egg Recipes

Roasted egg curry is a spicy, piquant egg curry that goes well with flatbreads and rice alike. When it comes to eggs, i always make them only when Mr.P is not around for meals. He is not fond of eggs and i, well, can perhaps just live on eggs. I mean, what s not to love about a good oval egg, huh? Pretty much anything made with eggs or eggs made in any way floats my boat any time. And this curry comes to the rescue of my "hungry yet craving something delicious" many a time. I m now seriously wondering why i haven't had the brains to share this recipe with you all before. I m not going to banter much.

February 13, 2015

Home Made Strawberry Chocolate Recipe| Valentines Day Recipes

We are exactly a day away from Valentines Day. And these Home Made Strawberry Chocolates are a perfect gift to surprise your beloveds. They are easy and quick to make and they take less than 30 mins in the freezer to set. If you are short of time or gift ideas or if your beloved loves chocolates, then look no further. These chocolates make a wonderful gift.