September 2, 2014

Mushroom Rogan Josh Recipe| Side Dishes For Flatbreads

Yes you all read the title right. It is Rogan Josh indeed. And no, i ve not become a meat eater overnight. I may become many things but not that. Nothing against people who eat meat though. Its just that i dont believe in harming animals to keep my tummy sated. Now, coming back to Rogan Josh. The term Rogan means clarified butter or fat in persian and Josh means heat. So technically it translates to cooked in fat on high heat. Thus states Wiki. I dont do much research in food history. Except when i bake bread. And Rogan Josh is a Kashmiri specialty dish that is usually made with tender lamb meat.

August 26, 2014

Vazhakai Varuval Recipe| Poriyal And Thoran Recipes

Like any sensible foodie human, i love my veggies fried sometimes. Sometimes being the operational word here. Its a different story when i go home though. Amma spoils me rotten with all her deep fried veggies stating that she never makes them when its just dad and her. But then, she makes puris every now and then. So i guess she is kind of even there with me when it comes to deep frying.

August 19, 2014

Jeera Rice Recipe| Rice Recipes

Ok. Technically, this is not even a recipe. At least not according to me. But then you know, some simple recipes have a charm. They shine through so much that they undermine other dishes in which you have poured your heart, soul and sweat in. And then there are some recipes that taste out of the world when eaten in some places that you are almost tempted to ask the guy what went into it. Jeera rice is something like that.While many of us cook the most complex of recipes perfectly, its the simple ones that challenge us many a time. Jeera rice is no exception.