September 16, 2014

Pumpkin Dal Recipe| Easy Dal Recipes

I usually shy away from making dal. Its because no matter how hard i try, i feel i never make enough justice to it. Lets just call this a cook s block or something. But then a while back, my spinach garlic dal became such a huge success with the husband that i ve become a little more venturesome when it comes to making dal at home these days.

September 9, 2014

Channa Chaat Recipe| Easy Snack Recipes

I always wonder why a snack translates to something deep fried in many homes. Especially in India, a snack almost always means a bajji or a bonda or some vada. If you invite some one home, its almost mandatory to serve one of these. Oh, how can i forget samosas and kachoris? After all, they are quite ubiquitous even in the normal course of life where i live.

September 2, 2014

Mushroom Rogan Josh Recipe| Side Dishes For Flatbreads

Yes you all read the title right. It is Rogan Josh indeed. And no, i ve not become a meat eater overnight. I may become many things but not that. Nothing against people who eat meat though. Its just that i dont believe in harming animals to keep my tummy sated. Now, coming back to Rogan Josh. The term Rogan means clarified butter or fat in persian and Josh means heat. So technically it translates to cooked in fat on high heat. Thus states Wiki. I dont do much research in food history. Except when i bake bread. And Rogan Josh is a Kashmiri specialty dish that is usually made with tender lamb meat.