February 29, 2012

Milk Bundt Cake ~ My 150th Post

Let me warn you. This is going to be a ridiculously verbose post. You may even need a tissue or two. So gear up and read on...

There are some things that become a habit. And these habits become a way of life eventually. My blog is one such habit which has now become a way of life for me. When i began writing this blog, little did i know that i d be supported by all those wonderful wonderful people out there who cook and eat just like me. Ok maybe they are a lil unlike but what matters is that we are all foodies. I was never a big foodie. I was a very picky eater who always thought twice before i began eating my greens. I really did not know what my mom went through everytime i made unrealistic demands out of her culinary expertise. But the mother she is, she readily agreed and gave in. Only when i began cooking, i realised that to make food in any form, may it be a 3 course meal or peanut butter jelly sandwich, requires a modicum of patience, lots of love towards the person who is going to eat and some amount of creativity. Above everything, we all require a lil pat on the back when you bake that first cake or manage to make crispy brown dosas or when you proof your yeast right the first time.This blog has been that pat on the back for me. And its 150 posts that i ve written till date. I am going to bore you all for the next 3 mins but hang on and do read. I must thank a few souls who have made this happen so far. Mr. P my husband for enduring my food blogger tantrums on an everyday basis, My mom- the official PR of Tomato Blues and a few friends of Mr. P and myself. Thank you all aplenty. And then, my biggest thanks goes out to my beautiful readers and food blogger friends out here who take their time out to read all the stuff and nonsense that i write here. Thank you all for enduring my rants and raves on everything from my nose to my weekend blues and for believing in my recipes. This bundt cake is for you all for the patience and faith that you have displayed in me.

Prep Time: Under 20 mins
Cook Time: 40 mins
Makes one nice big bundt cake say about 12 inches. 

If someone asked me what s your favourite cake mould. Snap will come the answer, " bundt mould" There is something so beautiful about making a cake in a bundt mould. I think the mould lends some exoticism to the cake. I dont mind baking anything in a bundt mould. The batter here filled in a small pie crust mould and a bundt mould for me. ( Do you care as long as the cake is yummy??) Feel free to use any mould of your choice. I baked this for 35 mins once and the second time i did 40. In my opinion, 35 works just fine in an OTG. But if using a microwave convection, then try 40. I did the whole thing on electric mixer. If you are going to do it by hand it will take you a lil longer. Creaming the sugar and eggs takes about 5 to 6 mins by hand and combining the flour mixture and the eggs mixture takes about 5 to 6 mins again.You can omit the fruits and bake this into a plain cake as well.

What you need?

All Purpose Flour 1.5 cups
Eggs 3
Castor sugar or powdered sugar 1 cup
Salt a pinch
Butter softened at room temperature 130g or 12 tbsp and a lil more
Baking powder 1 tsp
Milk 1/2 cup
Vanilla extract 1/2 tsp
Cranberries dried 1/4 cup
Currants and raisins 1/4 cup
Flour for dusting

How to make it?

Grease your cake mould and keep aside.
Preheat your oven to 180 c.
In a large mixing bowl, place all the dry ingredients except the sugar and sieve well to combine.
In another bowl, cream the sugar, butter and eggs till light and fluffy. Takes about 5 mins on high speed in an electric mixer.
Then, slowly start adding the flour mixture and combine using the electric mixer on high speed for about 3 mins or until well incorporated.
Dust the raisins, currants and cranberries with flour and drop into the batter.

Transfer to the greased mould and bake for 35 mins or till a skewer inserted comes out clean.
Off this goes to Bake Fest Hosted By Kalyani for Vardhini and Radhika S Lets Cook Sweet Somethings


  1. Gosh!! This is splendid!! I liked those addition of cranberries and nuts...what a rich cake! :)
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  2. And yeah, a big congrats on your 150th post...miles to go, dear! :)

  3. Hugs to you dear Anu for making it so far and may you hit many tons too. BTW., the cake looks so soft and spongy and I'm feeling so jealous of all the souls who took a dig at it leaving me out.:)

    1. hey radhi hug you back :) and thank you dear. Will make the cake sometime for you when i m in chennai it was yummy

  4. congrats anu for ur milestone. wish u many more posts to come.Cake looks pretty soft and moist.

  5. Wow .. this sounds easy man! I'll surely try :)

  6. congrats on reaching a milestone....cake luks divine...!!!

  7. Congrats on your 150th post, the cake looks awesome, nice texture..

  8. Happy 150th post dearest. The cake is making me hungry, send it to me via mail soon.
    Love Ash.

  9. This looks absolutely yummy..I should try this soon...Bookmarking this one..


  10. Congrats on the milestone, way to go dear. The bundt pan is always fascinating and this cake looks beautiful.



  11. Congrats on ur 150 post...the cake looks so spongy and flufyy..

  12. Again a sweet writeup anu :)..congrats on ur 150th post & hope to see many more.. i agree totally..def becomes a way of life.. Bundt cake looks super yum..perfect choice for the day!

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  13. Congrats on your mile stone,cake looks super soft!!

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  14. Congrats Anu on the milestone...wish you many more hits...cake looks so soft n delicious...love it!!

  15. Congrats Anu. I love reading your posts. This bundt cake looks really good...Still a long way to go before I start baking :(

  16. Congrats Anu. I love reading your posts.This cake looks good. Still a long a time ahead before I start baking :(

  17. Congrats anu.....loved the pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!bookmarked!!!

  18. Awesome.... and congrts 4 150th post

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  19. Its a wonderful feeling to see your blog growing and raising at every level. Congrats and keep upo the good work :)

    UK Rasoi

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  20. Congrats on your 150th! And thanks for the delicious looking recipe! Can't wait to try it.


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