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Cinnamon Rolls ~ Gourmet Seven


CAVEAT: A GARRULOUS POST BUT SOME HEAVENLY BUNS Well, it s the beginning of yet another month. May with all its hot and dry attitude began on an eventful note and should i say, a disastrous bread baking experience twice failed? I dont consider that an event to remember.My breads never go awry. After all […]

Chocolate Bark


In the midst of all that was loaded onto my plate, the fact that i completed a year of blogging went by just like any other day. I ┬ácompleted a year of Tomato Blues on the 14th June. Little did i know a year back, that i would get so hooked on to writing about […]

Show Me Your HITS~ Event Announcement


Ever since the Gourmet Seven kicked off, there has not been a day when i ve not thought fondly of all the seven in the group. We may not interact regularly but we ve become fast friends united in the cause of making everyone tuck in fancy food from that tiny galley kitchen back home. Sangeetha of Spicy […]