Hi Friends,
I am Anusha Praveen. All of 25 years old and happily married for one and a half  two years now.

What do i do?

Lots of cooking, some dabbling in photography and a little bit of painting and teaching kids in my block. That s what i do. Apart from this, i m busy being a lovable wife and a great daughter.

When did i start cooking?

Started one and half two years ago. Yes. You heard me right. I ve not even so much as lifted a ladle before my wedding.  Once married, i realised i had a knack for it and more than that i enjoyed cooking. Inspired by my mom, aunt, mom in law and bloggers across the globe, i began various gastronomical adventures which only ended on a happy note.

Why a blog?

I am a lazy bug. A huge pile of lazy bones who hates typing in any form. So, how this blog?? I got married and came to Baroda. Afternoon after afternoon, i was being left with a drowning sense of loneliness and friendlessness. Not a single soul that i could relate to. That s how my life before this blog was. Then, my hubby came up with the suggestion of me writing something. And he said, why not blog about your recipes??
That s how Tomato Blues was born.

What and Who Inspire Me?

Some people continue to inspire me ever since i started cooking. And i m sure they wont stop anytime soon. They include my mom, mom in law, my aunt and people like Mrs. Malliga Badrinath and Mrs. Chellam.
Some hash rooms that i often visit are those of Tarla Dalal Nigella LawsonSanjeev KapoorRachel Allen and Anthony Bourdain. Go through my blog roll to know about all those bloggers whom i  m fond of.

What s Tomato Blues All About?

This space is all about food, recipes, cook books, restaurants, cookware and possibly any iota of a thing related to food that i know about with some pictures through my lens.

I do hope you all have a good time while you are here. Do let me know your ideas, suggestions and comments by shooting me an email at anusapraj@gmail.com

Can i copy stuff from Tomato Blues?

If you want something from my space, do ask. I m usually sweet enough to share with people. Its ok if you make a recipe from my blog and dont give my blog as a reference but plagiarism or copying photos from the blog is not acceptable, friends.