November 5, 2012

Black And White Wednesdays Week 57

I have done a terribly irresponsible thing. This announcement was supposed to have been up by last wednesday. But due to a million billion things on my plate and my health that took a backseat, i dint have the patience to write up this announcement. I m extremely sorry my dear foodie shutterbug bitten friends. I hope you all forgive me this once. Ok. So let me get to the point. I ve been given the honor of hosting Black And White Wednesday Week 57 presided over by Cinzia of Cindystar. So what you do?

1. Click any food related picture in monochrome and or click one in color and edit it later.
2. Put it up in a post on your blog and link your post to Cindy s Announcement Page and this post.
3.Edit the picture to 500px by 600 px either orientation.
4.Send the edited picture along with a caption, your name, your blog name and the post url to
5. The gallery will be up by Saturday, November 10,2012 12 PM IST.

Hoping to see another fantastic line up of pictures. Ahh... beautiful beautiful monochrome. :D And here s my world in monochrome just for the time being.

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