July 31, 2012

The Avant Garde Cookies- An Epicurean Voyage Every Month

Well these days hold a lot of luxury for me. With amma around, i feel as though a world of weight has been dislodged from my shoulders. She literally takes care of everything including me.And then the shopping spree. When amma and i go shopping, its always with a grin as wide as the umpire declares on the cricket field, that i return. Not to forget the armload of shopping bags. This time too amma indulged me.Tell me just what s new in that. After all mothers are for indulging and i m going to miss her terribly once she leaves. So with all the extra time, what do i do? Play games on my lappy, watch hours and hours of TV and then some more reruns of Masterchef. And then some reruns of Nigella shows. No cleaning, no dusting. What bliss it is to have a mother around!
    Playing games. Bad idea. Watching reruns. Cant have got a worse bug. And no cleaning no dusting. The world is seeing the worst of me. That is the reason why i ve been blogging less and less. But now that i know i m not going to live from a suitcase for the next few months, i m a little relieved. Believe me, living from a suitcase is a dog of a habit and is very difficult to kick. I just wanted to be back with a bang. Yeah. I know.I know. That expression is so corny but then cant think of one more fitting. I m back and i m back as a part of a wonderful wonderful clique. We call ourselves The Avant Garde Cookies

    So, whats all this avan gar thingy about?? Well, its definitely not a french group if you are familiar with french. And its not about fashion too. If you think i ve caught the stitch bug, then you are so mistaken.Its certainly not some cookie baking association too. But believe me its cool. Because we dont stitch or teach french or make dresses. Because we do something much more important. We make food. Delicious delicious food. All kinds,all colors, all shapes and from everywhere. Who are these smart cookies who are Avant Garde? Well we are seven . There s me, the reckless one of course.After all, every group has to have one. And then there s ... let me think,

This cute lil lass from Mumbai. The youngest cookie amongst us and the coolest one too. The one with the baking itch. The adventurous Kavitha who also mutli tasks so efficiently. Imagine studying CA, MBA and managing to cook.

We have Veena who is the enterprising one. She has a beautiful daughter who inspires her to cook and her daughter is a lucky gal for when Veena cooks, you definitely start drooling!

There s Jayanthy who takes the world by storm with her cakes. She doesnt stop there and goes on to awe everyone with her amazing pictures and some unique recipes.

Priya Sreeram who has been cooking for 10 years now and is still amazed at puffing up phulkas. That s how modest and lovely she is. She s also the one with the creative edge amongst us. Thanks a million to her for that name.

Roshni who walks a million extra miles and cooks everything there is to cook. When i read her posts, i m always reminded of the quote " Cook everything atleast once."

And finally Radhika. The versatile one who makes every recipe seem such a piece of cake. My best friend and my partner in crime when it comes to the central idea of The Avant Garde Cookies. And also the person who gave the wonderful by line.

So when are we beginning? What do we do? Look forward to a recipe each from all of us spanning a three weeks in a month. We are doing themes, secret ingredients and cuisines.
We will be more than happy to welcome more cookies into our group. So in case you are interested, please drop a line to me at anusapraj@gmail.com. Stay Tuned!


  1. Enjoy the time with Mom! :D It is the best!!!
    Nice & crisp writeup! :)

    Bake Fest Event & Giveaway!

  2. Amen.... Simple yet perfect. Lucky you to have your mother around...

  3. I love this concept….nice looking and perfect...... :)

    thank you for sharing,

    Serve Over Counter

  4. oooh.... it must be fun having your mom around... loved the kickoff post...


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