June 1, 2012

Show Me Your HITS~ Event Announcement

Ever since the Gourmet Seven kicked off, there has not been a day when i ve not thought fondly of all the seven in the group. We may not interact regularly but we ve become fast friends united in the cause of making everyone tuck in fancy food from that tiny galley kitchen back home. Sangeetha of Spicy Treats or sangee as she s fondly called is one such gourmet who s a great friend of mine.
    When she announced slots for guest hosting her Show Me Your Healthy Interesting Tasty recipes, i was delighted. Even though i ve turned out to be a shameless sow who has not managed to cook even one entry for this event. Anyway, because i loved the concept and because i like Sangee a great deal, i wrote to her and asked if i can guest host the event for her. And she readily accepted.
So here i am hosting Show Me Your Hits~ Carrots and Beets this month.

Some rules now.

1. The event runs from June 1st to June 30th 2012.
2. Cook any dish of any course, i.e. starter, main course, dessert, snacks etc.
3.The dish that you cook must feature the ingredient of the event and it must be the main ingredient. In this case, you will have to cook a dish that features either carrots or beets or both as the main ingredient. Dishes garnished with these will not be accepted.
4. Multiple new entries are accepted and 2 archived entries are accepted as long as they are linked back to this page and Sangee s Announcement Page. Linking back is mandatory.
5. Please link only vegetarian dishes. No alcohol and meat is allowed. Eggs are allowed.
6. Usage of the logo is compulsory.

That s it. Start buying your carrots and beets then. Looking forward to see you yummilicious recipes featuring them both.


  1. Follwing you and linked in my first entry.

  2. Thank you so much Anu for hosting! Happy Hosting!!
    Forgot to add a point - No Deep Fried Entries are accepted! plz add this to the rules...
    Thanks Again!!
    Spicy Treats

  3. Nice theme Anu...will send in my entries.

  4. Nice event and would love to participate...Happy Hosting!!!

  5. Happy hosting.. Good & healthy theme.. Would like to paticipate..

  6. nice theme !!! sure to participate...entry on the way !!!

  7. Nice event. Happy hosting. Glad to follow you. Like to participate. Inviting you to visit my space, http://sanolisrecipies.blogspot.com

  8. Nice Event, love to participate. Glad to be your follower. Happy hosting.

  9. Hi, I am your new follower. Just submitted one of my recipes, Beetroot Thoran. Pls check and confirm it.
    Requesting you to visit my space,

  10. Hi, just now I submitted one of my recipes Carrot Pineapple cake. Kindly check and confirm it. Thanks.....

  11. Hi, First time visitor & liked your space. following you now. Have linked my Beetroot carrot Aloo paratha recipe.

    Do drop by my space & follow if you like

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    "Show me your Hits!"

  13. Hi Sangeetha. Sorry I coudnt understand what u have said. can u plz tell me once again what should i do?


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