April 7, 2012

Carrot Ginger Elixir for The Gourmet Seven

This is the 3 rd month! Yipee.. before you all think i m preggers or something... let me tell ya all that the excitement is all about Gourmet Seven completing 3 months with this round. A successful 3 months for us with all hall of fame recipes. We ve learnt a plenty and are ready to learn more. This month, it was all about guzzling down. And that too from Epicurious. Boy! what fun we had.. absolute hoopla.. :)

I wouldnt have done justice to my flamboyant self if i begin the recipe, would i? I am basically rooted in Coimbatore. I m so in love with the place even now. After having spent 2 years in Baroda and 5 years in Bangalore, no place has been able to floor me as much as Coimbatore. And i must say, i grew up with the indulgence of fresh vegetables which tasted like heaven. Potatoes never were sweet. Peas were lush green with the right crunch. Cauliflowers were always a pristine off white. Cabbage was crunchy and carrots were very sweet and orange. Having grown up like this, Baroda came to me as a gastronomic shock in terms of veggies. No matter how you cook them, they always are bland. No offence to the farmers wonderful of Baroda though. In particular are carrots which are a light scarlet in color with a long white stem protruding from the middle of them.You take one bite of them long white tubes, you will think a thousand times before you buy carrots here. As a matter of fact, i always have this urge to nibble one of them before i pick them up. Just to make sure, you know, that the white guy s not there and it atleast has a shadow of a resemblence to carrots back home. Alas.. i ve never succeeded. My carrot woes began right after i got married. When it struck my mom s fancy to make carrot juice out of these from these very wishy washy carrots. That s it.. mom left and i ve not sipped a carrot juice until this post. I must say, i did pick up decent ones this time cos it s almost the end of winter and they still have some decent ones left from the winter stock.Had i discovered this recipe when my mom was there, i would have been in a much better state.

Prep Time: 10 mins for the syrup
             2 hours to chill the syrup
             Under 15 mins for the rest

Cook Time: Under 10 mins
Makes 3 medium size glasses
Source: Epicurious

(This is a very serious drink.Have it for breakfast or lunch. And it tastes fabulous with baby carrots. How i know? Let s just say i got lucky second time.You can use the juice of a sweet lime instead of the lemon juice for a healthier and different twist)

What You Need?
Carrots 2
Ginger 1/2" peeled and grated
Sugar 3 to 4tbsp
Water 1.5cups
Lemon juice 3tbsp

Ice cubes

How To Make It?

Boil 1/2 cup water, sugar and ginger in a pan for about 5 mins.
Strain, cool and then chill for about 2 hours.
In a blender, add the carrots and 1 cup water and blend until very smoothly pureed.
Strain this mixture.
Now, add the lemon juice and ginger syrup to the carrot juice and mix well.
Top it up with ice cubes and serve cold.

Seems like a breeze to make right?? So why wait? Make some tomorrow and let me know how it turns out :)
This is my post for this month s round of Gourmet Seven. Head on over here and check our other gourmet recipes. They are all one of a kind.


  1. Wonderful combo. Will try it out and let you know.

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