January 19, 2012

Subz Polo - An Iranian Pampering

I did not have any inkling about Iranian cuisine until i bought those fresh chickpeas home. That s how my scouring started. I had beans in hand. Well chickpeas are beans to me. Those in disagreement please bear with me. I dont beg to differ. I dint know what to do with those cute little button things i had with me. When i started shelling them, they looked like miniature green brains. I know its a gross thought but that s what came to my mind when i saw them. I scoured the internet for recipes with fresh chickpeas. All i got was hummus, hummus, more hummus. I mean who eats that much hummus anyway? Now, hummus lovers, i dint mean to be rude or anything but you cant make good hummus without good tahini and i dint have that. So i just decided to make pulao.But what else goes in with fresh chickpeas? Read along to know.

Prep Time: Under 30 mins including soaking time for the rice
Cook Time: Under 30 mins
Source: Adapted from www.chefinyou.com
Serves 2

What you need?

Fresh chickpeas 1 cup
Basmati rice 1 cup soaked in 2 cups water for 20 mins
Mixed Herbs like basil, parsley, fenugreek leaves, thyme and mint. 1/2 cup
Spring onions 3 to 4 stalks chopped finely 
Salt to taste
Butter 1 tbsp or oil 1 tbsp

How to make it?

Heat a pan. Add the butter.
Once melted, add the spring onions and saute till they are light brown.
Drain the water from the rice and saute with the onions till aromatic.
Now, add the chickpeas and saute for a min.
Next, add 2 cups of water and salt and mix well.
Transfer this to an electric rice cooker or a pressure cooker and cook till rice is soft and cooked. Takes about 2 whistles in the pressure cooker.
Once done, add the mixed herbs and combine gently taking care not to break the rice.

Serve hot with any spicy curry or enjoy it withMixed Veggie Manchurian 

Note: If you feel the mixed herbs flavours are overpowering then you can reduce them a bit to your liking. 


Priya said...

Mouthwatering here, wat a terrific and super tempting dish..Loved those green fresh chickpeas..

Radhika said...

You lucky gal. Fresh green chick pea. sighhh... Love the last click. beautiful and inviting. Thanks for linking it to the event. I guess this was what you were talking about the other day.

faseela said...

amazing recipe...........attractive clicks dear

Padhu said...

Looks so tempting!

Latha said...

Delicious and colorful rice......

Priyanka said...

Lovely recipe. Great photos

Aarthi said...

This recipe is so good...Mouthwatering Dear..


Kalyani's Platter said...

delicious and colorful rice ......

Kalyani said...

good one ! the fresh green chickpeas is also here .. Now I know what to make out of them..
nice click

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Raksha said...

First time here. You have a lovely space. And congrats for the Newbie award.
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Vardhini said...

Fresh chickpeas .. yummm. I managed to get some frozen ones here :) Nice dish and thx for linking to the event.

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Archana said...

this looks delicious.Thanks.