January 17, 2012

The Gourmet Seven- Here We Come!!!!

Whoever said blogging is only for writing! Seriously!! If someone asks me i would say blogging is for making great new friends. When people of like minds and like interests start conversing with each other, only good stuff materialises out of those little chit chats. When women talk, its not always lazy gossip.  One fine afternoon, when us seven like minded Bursting With Excitement women folk talked, THE GOURMET SEVEN was born.We wanted to explore. To look up those recipes we would never bother with otherwise. To cook from those online recipe journals which have a zillion exotic menus. To whip up a few fancy restaurant style meals at home. To learn to substitute ingredients. Veganise a recipe.( Yes! Thats just a word that i invented!!) Vegetarianise a meat dish. To learn the different kinds of cheese, chocolate and sugar. That is what GOURMET SEVEN all about. So who are these Gourmets??

Radhika Of Tickling Palates
Veena Of Veg Nation
Anamika of Taste Junction
Kaveri Of Palakkad Chamayal
Vardhini Of Zesty Palette
Sangee Vijay Of Spicy Treats
Anusha Of Tomato Blues

What can you expect from the gourmets?? Every month, we choose a common recipe journal available easily to all of us. After that? We ll cook up a plethora. Everything from pasta to payasam, pita bread to parathas, Iranian pilafs and bakalavas, alfajores and nankatais. We ll bake, cook, stir fry, deep fry, shallow fry, broil, toss, saute, blanch, steam and do everything that is connected to food making. When do we post? Every month first week. So get ready for the drools as we saunter up the delish trail.
 We are celebrating with chocolate recipes from BBC Food for the month of February as it is Valentines.
Stay tuned for more............


  1. congrats gourmets...can't wait


  2. That sounds like so much fun...I'm just wishing I could be a part of the taste team and not just the picture ogling one! :)

  3. CHOCOLATE?! Count me in on that one! :) As if I didn't already have enough over December. But whatev. I can't wait.

  4. Liked your spirit Anusha!! :) Am relatively a new blogger with very few blogger friends. Really inspired by the 7-some. :)
    Do visit my blog when you get time.



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